Deciphering OB/Gyn Abbreviations

The world of obstetrics and gynecology is an intricate specialty, and can be confusing even to medical providers. Trying to decipher medical abbreviation, particularly as a non-medical professional, can be a time-consuming challenge; OB/Gyn abbreviations add to that complexity. This list of the most common OB/GYN abbreviations will help you decipher medical records and evaluate these types of cases.


  • SAB: spontaneous abortion
  • EAB: elective abortio
  • TAB: therapeutic abortion
  • GAB: genetic abortion

AFI: amniotic fluid index (determined by ultrasound)

ASCUS: atypical cells of undetermined significance (determined by pap smear)

AUB: abnormal uterine bleeding

BBOW: bulging bag of water

BCP: birth control pills

BPP: biophysical profile (ultrasound determination of fetal well-being)

BPD: biparietal diameter (ultrasound measurement)

BSO: bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

BTBVbeat-to-beat variability (comment about fetal monitoring)

  • LTV: long-term variability
  • STV: short-term variability

BTL: bilateral tubal ligation (“beetle”)

BUS: Bartholin’s/urethra/Skene’s

C/D/I: clean, dry and intact (referring to a surgical incision)

CIN: cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

CMT: cervical motion tenderness

CPD: cephalopelvic disproportion

C/S: C-section

CST: contraction stress test

CTA: clear to auscultation

CTX: contractions

CX: cultures

D&C: dilatation and curettage

D&E: dilatation and evacuation

DMPA: Depo-Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate)

DUB: dysfunctional uterine bleeding

EDC: estimated date of confinement (“due date”)

EFM: external fetal monitoring

EGA: estimated gestational age

ERT: estrogen replacement therapy

FF: fundus firm

FH: fundal height

FHT: fetal heart tones

FHR: fetal heart rate

FLM: fetal lung maturity

FM: fetal movement

HGSIL: high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (pap smear)

HRT: hormone replacement therapy

IUFD:  intrauterine fetal demise

IUGR: intrauterine growth restriction

IUP:  intrauterine pregnancy

L&D: labor and delivery

LEEP: loop electrosurgical excision procedure (to treat cervical dysplasia)

LGA: large for gestational age

LGSIL: low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (pap smear)

LMP: last menstrual period

LOA:  lysis of adhesions

LOFleakage of fluid

LTCS: low transverse c-section

NST: non-stress test

NSVD: normal spontaneous vaginal delivery

OCP: oral contraceptive pill

OCT: oxytocin challenge test

PG: phosphatidyl glycerol

PIH: pregnancy-induced hypertension

PNV: prenatal vitamins

PPD: post-partum day

PPROM: preterm premature rupture of membranes

PROM: premature rupture of membranes

PTL: preterm labor

ROM: rupture of membranes

RRR: regular rate and rhythm

SDE: suction, dilatation, and evacuation

SGAsmall for gestational age

SROM: spontaneous rupture of membranes

SUI: stress urinary incontinence

TAH:  total abdominal hysterectomy

TOA: tubo-ovarian abscess

TVH: total vaginal hysterectomy

VBAC: vaginal birth after c-section

VFI: viable female infant

VMIviable male infant

WNLwithin normal limits