So, What Can A Nurse Actually Do for You?

Who is at the bedside 24/7 when an individual is in the hospital?

Who evaluates the medical condition of a patient on a round-the-clock basis?

Who notices the subtle changes in the individual’s condition from day to day?

Who is the first person there to start CPR when the individual is crashing?

NURSES, that’s who!

Why use a nurse to evaluate your cases?

  • We are the eyes and ears of patients, caring for them as a whole-body system, not just a body part or disease.
  • We are well trained in disease processes and normal functioning of the body.
  • We read lab results, x-ray reports, and doctors’ “chicken scratch” — and know what they mean.
  • We recommend treatments to physicians because we are with the patient 24/7 and know what they need.
  • We hold a doctor’s treatment orders when we know it could be detrimental for the individual.
  • We understand how to treat an injury, identify the mechanism for the injury, and know what is involved with the care of that injury.
  • We are thorough. Typically, a doctor focuses on the patient’s condition or disease process and don’t take note of other things a nurse would observe.
  • We carefully evaluate medical records, leaving no stone unturned, because we know there could be valuable information, not so evident, in the record.
  • We do not charge $500.00 per hour (and higher) to review a case.
  • We provide you with the ins-and-outs, strengths and weaknesses, good and bad related to the case. (I once had a case slated for trial and found a mistake that the doctor made; this lead to the case being discarded after the attorney had spent $75,000 on it. YIKES!)

Don’t just take my word for it — click below to download a free article from LawyersUSA about how a Legal Nurse offers cost-effective litigation help.