Evaluating Burn Injuries in Children: Accidental or Non- accidental?

Unfortunately, many of us have had experiences with burns in our lifetime, whether it be a bad sunburn or a more severe burn with some form of fire or an extremely hot object. It is a very alarming situation when it occurs to us, but when a burn occurs in a child, it is even more alarming.

Children are curious and unfortunately do suffer burns, but knowing whether a burn has been purposely inflicted or accidental can be more challenging. Evaluating burns in children can be tricky, but there are some signs that can distinguish accident al burns from non-accidental burns.

Accidental Burns:

  1. Typically, on the front of the body
  2. Appear random, no uniformity
  3. No distinct margins
  4. Do not appear as multiples

Non-Accidental Burns:

  1. Exhibit patterns
  2. Occur in non-typical locations
  3. Exhibit distinct margins
  4. Can appear in multiples

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