Meet Lori Combs, RN

Lori Combs, BS, RN, LNC, CFN, CFC

Your Expert Nurse Consultant with 30 Years as a Registered Nurse

Legal Nurse Consultant to Criminal Attorneys in Florida and Georgia

My name is Lori Combs, your Critical Analysis Forensic Consulting Registered Nurse (RN). As a medical legal expert, my job is to be the eyes and ears for attorneys and law firms preparing for criminal cases. My services are based in Florida and Georgia, but I have worked with attorneys and firms across the United States.
My nursing specialty involved the emergency department and forensics, as a Certified Forensic Nurse and Certified Forensic Consultant. My forensic education has included adult and pediatric sexual assault training (SANE), forensic nursing, nurse death investigations and a Bachelor of Science Degree.
As a Forensic Nurse/Forensic Consultant and Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience, I’m ready to provide expert analysis to ensure you can present your case with expertise. As a criminal attorney, you know what must be proven in court—I know how to research, analyze, and explain the medical issues involved.